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Bitcoin has enjoyed wider adoption than any previous cryptocurrency; yet its success has also attracted the attention of fraudsters who have taken advantage of operational insecurity and transaction irreversibility. In 2011, researchers Fergal Reid and Martin Harrigan released an analysis that, among other things, attempted to trace a 25,000 BTC theft from June 2011. The paper produced no results useful to law enforcement, but was able to follow the money a considerable distance in some places. More recently, researchers in Zurich expanded on Bitcoin de-anonymization techniques, and most recently in ... A new report by Fergal Reid and Martin Harrigan from the University College Dublin found that "Bitcoin is not inherently anonymous." This created a bit of conversation by people who were surprised ... References Fergal Reid; Martin Harrigan (2011). - An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System" Gregory Maxwell (2013-08-22). - CoinJoin Bitcoin privacy for the real world. bitcointalk.org. Chris Belcher (2015-01-09). - Joinmarket - Coinjoin that people will actually use. bitcointalk.org. Gregory Maxwell (2015-06-09). - Confidential Transactions, Content privacy for Bitcoin transactions ... Fergal Reid Bitcoin! In August 2017, the fergal reid bitcoin Bitcoin blockchain "forked" creating a rubik's cube competition prize money new digital currency called. Top fergal reid bitcoin 11 Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets top 1 household income uk (BCH) to Store Bitcoin Cash Safely.

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