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Bitcoin QuickBits: What occurs to previous Bitcoin addresses? – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

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Bitcoin QuickBits: What occurs to previous Bitcoin addresses? – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Quickbit didn't send my money

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QuickBit Open Cup for 0.1337 Bitcoin this Sunday - sign up and compete!

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QuickBit Open Cup for 0.1337 BitCoin announced

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Thanks coinbase, because of you my bank shut down my bank account

Hi everyone,
My name is Rafael, and I am a Brazilian. I was amazed in how bitcoin helped me move $50k from Brazil to USA so fast. I did all my transactions using coinbase, and gocelery.
A week ago, I received an email from coinbase, saying that they were closing my coinbase account. I didn’t care.
Today, Wells fargo shut down my account without any explanation. I called my bank manager and they told me that ChexSystems reported me to Wells Fargo because of activity related on coinbase.
If you ever need to do remittances using bitcoin, be aware of using coinbase.
Thanks all
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My wallet is said to be out of sync and I just purchased 0.25 BTC from Need help or reasurance.

So yeah i'm in the process of processing all this new info. I fear a major fuck up and losing my 105$. how do I make sure everything is in place correctly?
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Update from Being Taken By a Scammer on Paxful - Ray Does Me a Solid

My original post is here:
I got scammed and I could go to the ends of the earth to find this SOB but we all know how this will turn out. The IP address is a VPN and the Hotmail account is a throwaway with no footprint on the web.
I made about $35 in value off my trades and I think I actually did help a few Backpage refugees who had actual Amazon GC’s as I had to walk them thru the back of the card where they could reveal the code.
I lost about $290 in BTC to the scammer so my total loss was about $255. In my two brief conversations with Ray from Paxful and an email thread back and forth, we found lots of common ground. My actions speak for themselves, I attempted to trade small amounts, I had no idea what I was doing, I got hooked by a scammer and he took me for roughly one Bitcoin. That’s the way irreversible transactions work.
Trading is tough. It’s not for me. Good luck to those of you who do it and do it for volume.
But in my discussions with Ray, an offer was made that I was certainly not entitled to. An offer was made to split the loss and he’ll reimburse me half of what I’m out, $127.50 . This is certainly not company policy and this offer was made to me on this one off case. I certainly appreciate this very magnanimous gesture.
My impressions of my brief experience on Paxful, though, were quite good. I think the trading interface was pretty intuitive and well thought out. I don’t know his background but Ray and his partner obviously know something about trading and have attempted to put out into the Bitcoin world a solid trading platform. This is a platform that’s still in Beta and the actual transactions between seller and buyer seems to execute pretty flawlessly in my limited experience. It’s still the same issue of keeping the scammers at bay while trying to match up legitimate buyers and sellers and that comes over time, patching up holes in the process and the development of trusted reputation systems.
We’ve all debated endlessly back and forth about how Bitcoin needs to get to mainstream adoption and many skeptics out there are convinced we won’t get to the promised land. But there are many out there, myself and Ray included, who believe it is out there. It won’t be easy and as we wait around for the killer app, the idea of Bitcoin and what it represents is a force that will eventually win out over these early stage hurdles.
Those new to Bitcoin have so much to get their heads around that it does take a huge leap of faith. This sub is quick to give those one line answers of buy or don't buy through Coinbase or LBT or Mycelium or Quickbit, etc. It’s tough to lead newbies through the process and I applaud those that take the time to get people into this ecosystem. Just on my thread, I saw lots of grief given both ways and I was naive and paid the price. I’d just ask those critics out there to at least give Paxful an objective look and to support those companies that can help Bitcoin get there.
The other thing I observed in my original post is that it was pretty clear Paxful was being trolled by a competitor and I don't think that kind of thing helps the ecosystem. We should work to improve and uplift all boats not try to tear down people who are trying to fix things
You can judge people and companies based upon not what they’re only supposed to do but what they actually do. I believe Ray is trying to build a reputable company in a business that is rife with fraud. I think they have a very good product and their success or failure will be due to how they conduct themselves and the community they cultivate. I was never comfortable with LocalBitcoins and I’m not sold on Bitquick yet. I see the potential in Paxful and I hope it makes it.
It's a shame that with the BitLicense deadline that Paxful along with a bunch of other companies have stopped doing business with New York customers. But it's adapt and survive and I certainly think the future of Bitcoin is very, very bright.
So thanks Ray for doing me a solid. I won’t be a seller anymore, I’ve learned my lesson. Best of luck as you launch the business.
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Bitcoin noob needs serious help

Ok I am new to bitcoin and just bought my first bitcoins at I had a wallet set up with coinbase but after my purchase I was sent a link to my bit coins that took me to blockchain and it is showing me my address, my hash 160,the amount of bitcoins I have but there is no way to send them to my coinbase wallet. I opened a wallet at blockchain thinking it would show up there but nothing. I've gone to both blockchain and coinbase wallet to request the money but it won't let me manually input the address. Please help me to figure out how to transfer from the address to my wallet?
Thank you
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QuickBit Open CUP! Today at 17.00 CEST and QuickBit are working together and so the QuickBit Open Cup was created! It will happen on Wednesday, 28th of May 2014, starting at 17:00 CEST. The prize pool of the very first QuickBit Open Cup will be 0.1337 BitCoin, with winner taking it all. (Warning: BitCoin value is constantly changing). It is an open to all CUP so anyone is free to signup!
More info about the tournament: Here
To signup write to - [email protected]
Brackets are: And TeamLiquid
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Project to extend Bitcoin network functionality

Hi guys,
I'm working on an idea to extend the functionality of the Bitcoin network without affecting the actual Bitcoin blockchain. You can see the idea outlined here:
I'm imagining the QuickBit wallet to host both the Bitcoin blockchain and the QuickBit ledger. Would love your guy's feedback and suggestions, or if there is something already like this please let me know.
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Technical Analysis on QuickBit Quickbit Bitcoin Exchange ATM - YouTube Quickbit Bitcoin Exchange ATM Sunshine Coast quickbit how it works Quickbit

QuickBit is commemorating the event and running a 48 hour 0% service fee promotion on purchases made at “In short, the Bitcoin protocol cuts the bitcoin block reward in half. Every time a Bitcoin halving occurs, miners begin receiving 50% fewer BTC for verifying transactions.” Even if you aren’t engaged in the different crypto or blockchain communities around the web, you ... However, Bitcoin is not a privacy coin: the blockchain is public to everyone, meaning that all transactions can be viewed (though they’re not tied to your identity). To keep your Bitcoin transactions more private, use a different address for every payment. To do this in our wallet app, tap Generate new address in the Send tab if you’re the ... Bitcoin Quick. Reviews of ways to invest and mine Bitcoin. New cryptocurrencies, ICO and tokens with which you can trade and expand your portfolio. Search. Menu Inicio; Cryptocurrencies; ICOs and Tokens; Trading; Mining; Cryptocurrencies ICOs and Tokens . MChain at the Blockchain for Future Smart Living Cities of Marbella 2019. March 26, 2019 Kamy 0 Comments. Mchain could not be out from an ... At Quickbit we believe cryptocurrencies will play an important part of our everyday lives. That is why we, through innovation, strive to make crypto useful for everyone. Anytime and anywhere. Pay for groceries or go shopping. Online or in-store. Exchange between currencies when you travel. And more. Features. One wallet. Multiple currencies. Collect all your cryptocurrencies in one simple ... A bitcoin wallet is a piece of software that contains the “keys” and the address that allows you to send and receive bitcoins. In the same way that Paypal uses an email address, the bitcoin protocol uses an address like 1JArS­6jzE3­AJ9sZ­3aFij­1BmTc­pFGgN­86hA extracted from the public keys stored in your wallet.

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Technical Analysis on QuickBit

How to buy bitcoin using our ATM. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Quickbit AxierEquities. Loading... Unsubscribe from AxierEquities? ... HOW TO INVEST IN BITCOIN! 📈 HOW TO BUY BITCOIN IN 2017! - Duration: 3:23. Ryan Scribner Recommended for you. 3:23 . When ... Bitcoin channel, how to buy, transfer, use, trade and everything else Bitcoin. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Quickbit Bitcoin Exchange ATM Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home ... How to use Quickbit to buy bitcoin and use for online purchases. In this video, I show you How To Get FREE Bitcoin Fast! This is NOT anything related to Bitcoin Faucets. If you are looking for those look elsewhere. This is...